LEGO DC Super Heroes 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle review

There’s just two days to go before the next film in the DC universe makes its cinematic debut and the LEGO Group has released a single set alongside it. Will it manage to give the movie Wonder Woman a worthy introduction to the DC Super Heroes line?

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Marvel received a fair bit of abuse for never making a Black Widow standalone movie despite audiences showing interest and Scarlet Johansson’s character proving very popular in the Avengers movies. Add to that the scarcity of any Black Widow merchandise in an otherwise male-dominated super hero market and fans were getting frustrated.

Well it’s hard to know at this stage if DC will make the same mistake with their upcoming merchandise, but at least one LEGO set has been released to accompany the upcoming blockbuster which is better than nothing.

The LEGO Group occasionally choose to release a singular film tie-in set rather than several as was the case with Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. It must be immensely difficult to pick key minifigures and models from a whole film’s worth of content to meet a reasonable price point but I’m pleased to say that this set is a delight.


We only get two minifigures in the box which might be disappointing to some, but based on the trailers so far it’s fair to say these are probably the two most necessary characters to include.


Princess Diana of Themiscira, aka Wonder Woman, is presented here with identical printing to her last movie-based appearance in the Batman v Superman set last year, including a double-sided face but with lighter blues and reds on the legs and torso. She has a brown wavy hairpiece and fantastically detailed lines on the eagle design at the top of her chest as well as her belt. She also has small but welcome printing on her arms to represent the Bracelets of Submission which are known to be indestructible and protect her from attack. She wields a plain pearl silver sword which she is sometimes depicted with in the comics, and a shield that has printing very closely matching that seen in the trailers.


A blue hood element and cloth cape are also provided should you wish to give her the opportunity to visit your LEGO city incognito.


Steve Trevor is also a familiar face in the Wonder Woman comics and is played by Chris Pine in the movie. In Wonder Woman Warrior Battle he features the new-ish hair piece favoured by Superman, Star-Lord and Captain America minifigures including the double-sided visage used for the latter as well. This is slightly disappointing, but it does work so no need to really change it too much. My one criticism would be the choice of colour used for the hair though, as brown seems too dark compared to Chris Pine’s hair in the trailer; I’ll probably replace it with a dark tan one at some point.

The legs are a very dull brown with no printing, but the torso looks good in olive green with his jacket over a military uniform and a bit of fur collar visible on the back. One advantage would be if you can source several of these torsos, you could make use of them in some military MOCs which we know the LEGO Group tends to stay clear from unless in licensed situations.

As a pilot, Steve is also equipped with a flying helmet and goggles for when he’s manning the WWI plane, along with two dark grey pistols for close combat.


The God of War, Ares, is the supervillain of the set (and the film it seems), and is known to be one of Wonder Woman’s greatest adversaries. Rather than a standard minifigure we get a scaled up minifigure similar in structure to Giant Man found in last year’s 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle.


This is a standout part of the set and looks brilliant once built. There are some clever uses of parts to make the animal skull headdress but with a few stickered details it really gives it a menacing look. Eight stickers are used on this model alone, but are relatively easy to apply and give it a bit more life. Somewhat surprisingly, the face is actually printed on to the black cylindrical element.


No villain is complete without some weaponry and so, like Wonder Woman, Ares has a giant sword and shield to protect himself from attacks. It would have been nice to get some printing on the shield, but in this case I would have even settled for a sticker rather than the plain light grey we are left with.

The model has similar articulation to a minifigure in the legs and head, but the arms have slightly more freedom thanks to the use of Mixel ball-socket joints. It’s a fun model to display and I wonder what other scaled up minifigures we might see in the future.


The last part of the set is a dark tan single-seater WW1-era monoplane that looks like it is based on a German Fokker E.III, given the serial number printed on the side in this screen shot. Comparing it to the source material we’ve seen in trailers so far, it looks like the LEGO designers have done a great job of matching it given the limitations imposed by scale and piece count. There are four stickers used to add a star graphic on the wing tips and the rudder, though these aren’t present in the film.


It’s missing the German cross which was standard on German aircraft, so perhaps the stars are intended to be generic non-descript insignia, although it does look similar to something the US Air Force might have. Additional stickers are used to add some serial number detailing to the sides (likely designer initials going by the LEGO Group’s cheeky sticker reference habits on most CITY sets) and on the Technic disc behind the propeller.


It’s a sturdy model designed so that things don’t fall off easily whilst swooshing. Kids will be pleased as plenty of play value is on hand given the inclusion of two stud shooters in front of the cockpit and two flick-missiles under the wings. AFOLs out there might be grumbling at the sound of flick-missiles, but they’re fairly inconspicuous and given the nature of a war plane are rightfully included – unlike some sets in which they make no sense whatsoever (remember the 9472 Attack on Weathertop set?).


Overall it’s hard to find much to fault this set on. It’s not the greatest triumph LEGO has ever achieved, but it’s without doubt far from the worst, especially for a lower priced set. The price for two unique minifigures, one giant supervillain and a WW1 airplane seems pretty decent and the models here are definitely a draw rather than the minifigures alone. It’s perhaps a shame that the back of Ares looks a little incomplete due to the way it was built and would have benefited from some tiles or stickers, though this might be easier said than done. It’s a minor gripe and given the potential popularity of the upcoming film this might just be a set not to pass on.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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