LEGO Design Master teases lifestyle photoshoot for mystery set

A LEGO Design Master has revealed a peek behind the scenes of lifestyle LEGO shoots as one for a mystery model was recently underway. 

Recently revealed Design Master at the LEGO Group Marcos Bessa took to Instagram earlier today to showcase a look behind the camera at a lifestyle photoshoot for what appears to be an upcoming LEGO set. 

Lifestyle photos are official images of sets showcasing the builds in a natural setting and nearly every build has at least one, including gifts-with-purchase. 

The photoshoot took place at Clausholm Castle and in the images shared by the designer, props include a table and chairs, a helmet out of the current frame, plants and stationery. Whatever is being photographed, all clues are deliberately censored and there’s nothing more in the scene to give away what could be in front of the camera, though given how common lifestyle photos are for LEGO sets and Marcos’ position at the LEGO Group, it seems plausible that something made of bricks is the subject of the scene.


While this does confirm that at least one more LEGO set is on the way, that’s not an entirely surprising conclusion to draw. Instead, these images offer an interesting perspective of how these recognisable images are taken. 

The new Design Master recently confirmed that he worked on the upcoming LEGO Disney sets for the 100th anniversary, one of which could be in front of the camera here.

Featured image: Marcos Bessa

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