LEGO Dimensions Battle Arena E3 Demo

Here is the first of two E3 related articles, first up is a gameplay demo of the new Battle Arenas coming in phase 2 of LEGO Dimensions. The video below shoes the Capture the flag mode that allows 4 players at once to battle to capture their opponents flag. It also included details of what we can expect in year, with main news being that all new content will include a battle arena and all the first phase characters can also enter these arenas. I do like that all content is compatible.

The release schedule again will be in separate waves with the first being in September, then November, January, and March.



  1. drlmiles

    er, Folks, the video link above links to a (currently) 715 hour stream! Any chance you can tell us where in the stream the video about the Battle Arena is? Thanks

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