LEGO Dinosaurs: Savage Lands: Trans-continental T-rex Trek

With LEGO dinosaurs making a comeback in the Jurassic World theme, Jme Wheeler demonstrates how inspiring the creatures can be in the Savage Lands build series

This build series, Savage Lands, explores the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs in a variety of fictional settings based on real world locations. Each build represents a specific culture and their relationship with their reptilian companions, capturing a moment in their lives together.

Reginald Worthington the third is a world famous explorer and conservationist. Born to a wealthy family, he was afforded a huge amount of freedom in terms of the pursuit of his interests. Chief among them were travel and wildlife. He has always loved visiting new places and learning about new cultures, and is always open to people’s varying ways of life. Something he has no tolerance for however, is hunting purely for sport, or worse, poachers. There’s nothing brave, noble or impressive about killing majestic beasts. It’s far more brave, noble, and impressive to train and care for one than it is to destroy it.


Whilst exploring deep in the jungle, Reginald comes across a tribe of people who not only lived with, but also communicated with what are likely the last remaining dinosaurs in existence. It is here he has lived for years, learning from the native people and eventually acquiring his own reptilian companion, which he dubs Oswald. Together they now travel in search of “sportsmen” and poachers alike – working to change their ways – in whichever manner is necessary.

The Build

This is actually the first human/dinosaur build I made, quite a few years ago in fact. Really it started out as something funny to me, but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized what I could do with the idea.

Being the first, the base for this one was mostly an afterthought, but because of that I learned I could make reusable, or easily re-purposed bases. This is built on a 16×32 baseplate, which means it’s completely smooth on the bottom. The base is essentially built with a receptacle for the baseplate, which means you can easily pop it in and out. If you’re limited on resources, you could build one generic base and use it to photograph a number of builds. This will help you keep things looking polished on a budget. It also means you can easily try out a number of base styles without risking breaking your vignette or having to make a decision at the beginning of the build process.

Check out the Savage Lands builds released so far.

You can find more of Jme’s LEGO builds on Flickr, under the handle klikstyle.

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