LEGO Disney 100th anniversary sets and minifigures visual guide and gallery

The LEGO Group is celebrating 100 years of Disney this year with three new special anniversary sets and a collection of minifigures.

Disney will turn 100 years old this year, marking a full century of cartoons, films, theme parks, and so much more. Various commemorative events are, of course, taking place within Disney, but the LEGO Group was also keen to celebrate this massive birthday.

To do so, it’s launched three new sets and 18 anniversary CMFs, covering Disney characters and titles both old and new. Here’s a visual guide to the sets and minifigures, picking out some of our favourite features that we’ve spotted so far.

LEGO spans Disney’s 100 years in new wave of sets

The wave of sets, accompanied by 71038 Disney 100, spans almost 100 years of Disney characters, starting with 1927’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and coming all the way through the decades to Ernesto De La Cruz, Miguel, and Dante from Coco. Other popular figures are met along the way, as well as a set dedicated to the beloved Disney ‘Up’ House in 43217.


LEGO Disney 43217 ‘Up’ House‘s comparison

Looking at 43217 ‘Up’ House in more detail, the LEGO Group has done an excellent job in translating the vibrant colours of the house into LEGO elements. The brighter colours that the house is seen are representative of the happiness that its owner, Carl Fredricksen, finds in the movie and so is a vital part of the plot. The purplish-grey of the roof is accented with a pastel blue trim, while the yellow, green, and orange pastel colours of the rest of the house are balanced nicely with the white picket fence.

The only (minor) complaint we would have is that there aren’t nearly as many balloons – certainly not enough to lift even a more lightweight LEGO house off the. ground. Still, we imagine this would have caused a significant price increase, not to mention building all those balloons might have sucked some of the joy out of this set.

LEGO Disney 43212 Disney Celebration Train‘s unique carriages

43212 Disney Celebration Train comes with six famous Disney figures: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Woody, Moana, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Almost everyone has their own carriage on this train (although Peter Pan and Tinkerbell) have to share, representing part of their story. Mickey leads the way as the face Disney, with his own two-eared symbol on the front of the train.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell appear to have stolen Captain Hook’s pirate ship to make their carriage, complete with a skull and crossbones flag. The duo is followed by Woody, singing along with his guitar in a Western saloon, adorned with a brick-built cactus. Next is Moana, with a miniature version of her island and the crashing waves that are so prominent in her animated film.

Finally, we see Minnie, wearing her signature polka dots and celebrating the anniversary with a tiny LEGO cupcake. Unlike the rest, her platform is not a carriage, but instead a separate archway for her tow ave the train off to. Like Mickey, her stand is marked with the mouse symbol of Disney.

LEGO Disney 100 minifigure details

71038 Disney 100 is full of authentic details that make this collection stand out from the crowd. While many of the minifigures feature regular headpieces and outfits, a choice few, such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Pinnochio, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, and Prince John have more unusual figures that more closely reflect the animation style of the characters.

It looks like the information plaques for the minifigures are also printed to mark the 100th anniversary, with space for any extra accessories the minifigures come with to stand on as well.

LEGO Disney 100th anniversary new pieces

As ever with CMFs, 71038 Disney 100 has plenty of new parts to dig into. From a first look without having them in our hands, we’ve spotted the Dalmatian that comes with Cruella de Vil, the aforementioned head moulds for Robin Hood, Prince John, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey’s head/hat combination.

Plus, Princess Aurora has a fetching new hair-do that looks like a new element, as well as the lovable Baymax’s puffy arms. In 43217 ‘Up’ House’, we also spotted a new mould for Dug the dog. If anyone deserves a new LEGO mould just for them, it’s this ever-loyal canine pal.

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Rachael Davies
I write about all the very best fandoms – and that means LEGO, of course. Spending so much time looking at and talking about LEGO sets is dangerous for my bank balance, but the LEGO shelves are thriving. You win some, you lose some.

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Rachael Davies

I write about all the very best fandoms – and that means LEGO, of course. Spending so much time looking at and talking about LEGO sets is dangerous for my bank balance, but the LEGO shelves are thriving. You win some, you lose some.

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