A LEGO Disneyland castle could be the same style as another set

With rumours of a LEGO Disneyland Castle online, someone has imagined the landmark in the same style as 40478 Mini Disney Castle instead. 

For the 100th anniversary of Disney, taking place this year with celebrations from the LEGO Group officially confirmed, it’s rumoured that another Disney castle LEGO set is coming later this year with the number 43225. 

While the latter information has yet to be confirmed, the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom castle already has multiple models with the retired 71040 The Disney Castle and 40478 Mini Disney Castle, meaning another build may be better positioned to depict the Disneyland castle. 

The official Disney 100th celebrations have recently begun at Disneyland, which has the smaller Sleeping Beauty Castle instead and timing with the start of the event, The Horizoneer has imagined the location with a smaller model than previous custom depictions we’ve noted. 


This version is in the same style as 40478 Mini Disney Castle. Much like 40478 Mini Disney Castle has references inside, as you can see in our review, the back of this build has a tile likely referencing the brass marker that is the rumoured geographical centre of the park.

Provided the rumours aren’t accurate and a second $159.99 Disney castle set isn’t on the way, this scale seems to work well for the Disneyland castle and the park already has a spot in the Mini Disney range thanks to 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion

The Twitter user has been recreating other aspects of the Disney theme parks too, including everything from ride vehicles to show buildings. Official LEGO sets for the Disney Parks are rare, but there are two currently available with 40478 Mini Disney Castle and 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion

Also rumoured, but not officially confirmed, to be coming for the 100th anniversary of Disney is an Up set, WALL-E BrickHeadz and more. 

Every rumoured and confirmed LEGO Disney 2023 set

Rumoured or confirmed setPiecesPriceRelease date
43210 Moana’s Way-finding Boat324£34.99January 1
43211 Aurora’s Castle187$44.99January 1
43212 Disney Birthday Train200$39.99April 1
43213 BrickHeadz134$19.99May 1
43214 Twirling Rapunzel89$9.99January 1
43216 Princess’ Enchanted Journey320$64.99January 1
43217 Carl’s House “Up”598$54.99April 1
43219 Disney Princess Creative Castles140$34.99March 1
43220 Peter Pan & Wendy’s Storybook Adventure111$19.99March 1
43225 CastleTBC$159.99TBC
40619 Cruella de Vil & Maleficent BrickHeadzTBC$19.99March 1
40620 Eve & WALL-E BrickHeadzTBC$19.99March 1
40621 Moana & Merida BrickHeadzTBC$19.99March 1
40622 Disney 100th CelebrationTBC$39.99February 1
71038 Disney 100th AnniversaryTBC$3.99May 1

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