LEGO DUPLO launches animated videos and original song compositions

Families will have a new learning tool from LEGO DUPLO, as the LEGO Group releases a series of animations with original song compositions.

The LEGO Group has announced that in collaboration with West One Music Group and Tongal, the company is releasing a new series of high-quality animations and song compositions for millions of families around the world. Both well-known and original songs have been created to help children learn world-famous children’s songs and nursery rhymes.

With families currently in lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, additional options to educate and entertain children are likely to prove welcome. Over the next few months, 21 songs will be released around three key themes – Happy Birthday, Lullaby Songs and Nursery Rhymes.

The educational animations aim to nurture fun, imagination and creativity and engagement. Research the LEGO Group has drawn on finds that music is a useful learning took, helping with skills including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.


“We are very excited about bringing LEGO DUPLO to life through the new LEGO DUPLO animations and songs,” says Keith Malone, Senior Director of Content Development at the LEGO Group. “Being a parent myself, I can really see how singing sparks joy and excitement with toddlers while also improving essential developmental and social skills. We hope that families will have lots of fun together while creating wonderful shared memories and playful experiences through these new songs.”

On April 24, the first set of sings will be available to stream on Moonbug’s YouTube channel, as well as streaming services including, Amazon, Apple, Google and Spotify.

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