LEGO fan’s mum shares heartwarming letter that earned a reply from LEGO VP

Take note for future LEGO job applications with this adorable note from a seven-year-old LEGO fan that got him a response from the LEGO Group VP.


You might remember a few days ago when Vice President of LEGO UK & Ireland Christian Pau sent a young LEGO fan a set and letter in response to a request for a job “after school, on weekends, and during holidays”. Now, the original letter has been shared on LinkedIn so we can see the original request.

Seven-year-old Thomas Crump wrote the following:

“Dear LEGO company, My name is Thomas Crump. I would like to work for you because I love to build LEGO. My bedroom floor has so much LEGO you can’t even get to my bed!

“I enjoy making boxes, my favourite is Baby Yoda and Harry Potter but my favourite is doing my own designs. I wondered if you had any jobs where I could design LEGO. From Thomas Crump, aged 7.”

LEGO Letter
Image: Catherine Crump

Not to leave out his family members, Thomas added a second request in the P.S., asking “my sister is good at LEGO too, please could she help she is ten”.

The reveal of Thomas’ original letter has taken LinkedIn by storm, with still more LEGO Group employees responding to the note. LEGO Design Manager Samuel Liltorp Johnson shared his own journey to work at the LEGO Group, saying that he himself wrote a letter to the company 23 years ago. Now he leads the LEGO Ideas theme.

“Dreams come true!” he encouraged in the comments. “Stay playful, be creative and one day Thomas could be a great LEGO designer!”

There you have it, it seems young Thomas is on the right track. Letters to the LEGO Group really could earn you a job in the future. We’ll be right back with one of our own…

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