LEGO Galidor features in a new episode of Bits N’ Bricks

LEGO Galidor is back, at least in a new episode of Bits N’ Bricks as the third season of the official LEGO Games podcast concludes with the theme.

Releasing in 2002, LEGO Galidor featured non-traditional brick builds such as action figures and the first and only functional LEGO games console, not a recreation like LEGO Super Mario 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System.

Hosts Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente return for the final instalment of the third season of Bits N’ Bricks, which will now enter its final, fourth chapter. The episode explores the development of Galidor with the help of designer Niels Milan Pedersen, noting how the experimental project initially came to be.

“At this point in the LEGO Group’s history, especially marketing was worried that the normal LEGO brick might be a little out of fashion,” said Niels Milan Pedersen. “It sounds odd to say that now but that was the feeling in those days and the marketing was going in another direction, and that’s why they put so much effort into this new action figure.”


The written transcript that usually accompanies each episode has not been made available yet, but will likely be released in time.

Galidor is one of a few experiments made by the LEGO group from over the years and even featured an additional cancelled set that was never launched. One of the available models for the theme came in the form of 8316 Kek Powerizer, which featured a small games console in the back of the figure that allowed it to interact with a TV show. That set is discussed in chapter 2 of the new podcast episode.

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