LEGO grocery stores are some of the most diverse models

Whether coincidence or not, LEGO grocery stores have proven to be some of the most diverse models as of late in both LEGO Friends and City.

Earlier this year, and retiring soon, 60347 Grocery Store was revealed and released, including an especially diverse minifigure with the first modern prosthetic leg element.  

That set would go on to become just one of a few diverse models launched in 2022 with 21337 Table Football including the first minifigure with vitiligo. However, there are already two more sets with diverse minifigures coming in 2023 as more vitiligo representation is on the way

The sets featured in that report include 41729 Organic Grocery Store and 21244 The Sword Outpost, the former of which may seem familiar. It also features the first mini-doll with vitiligo. 


For whatever reason, recent LEGO grocery stores have seemingly been chosen to debut new types of diverse minifigures and mini-dolls with 60347 Grocery Store and 41729 Organic Grocery Stores both featuring qualifying figures.  

It may just be a coincidence as these models were likely designed over multiple years and by teams of separate LEGO designers. Either way grocery stores in Heartlake City and LEGO City are apparently popular with all kinds of minifigure and mini-dolls. 

60347 Grocery Store is available now but, according to our sources, is retiring at the end of 2022 and 41729 Organic Grocery Store is launching on January 1, 2023. 

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