LEGO has published full transcripts of every single Bits N’ Bricks episode

The LEGO Group has published summaries and full transcripts for the entire first season of the Bits N’ Bricks podcast.

That’s good news if you prefer learning about LEGO through your eyes rather than your ears, because there’s an absolute goldmine of material in those 19 episodes. No longer will you have to miss out on the work Polygon co-founder Brian Crecente and documentarian Ethan Vincent have put into celebrating 25 years of LEGO video games, and trust us when we say it’s a lot of work.

From discussions on the origins of LEGO Overwatch to deep dives into Minecraft and minifigures, the first batch of episodes covers a broad spectrum of LEGO video game history, and features chats with some serious LEGO heavyweights – including third-generation LEGO Group owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and CEO Niels B. Christiansen.

25 years of LEGO videogames featured

You can find the full transcripts (and written summaries of each episode) over at’s 25 Years of LEGO Games page, where they’re available to download as individual PDFs. This is also a welcome move from the LEGO Group for accessibility purposes, given not everyone has the luxury of hearing.

Once you’ve worked your way through those, hang tight: the Bits N’ Bricks team has confirmed that it will be back for more later this year. When the second season does arrive, it would be cool to see the LEGO Group offering transcripts of each episode as it airs (rather than in one big chunk at the end), so here’s hoping.

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