LEGO Ideas is looking for the next Minecraft

LEGO Ideas is on the hunt for the next Minecraft as the team may be searching for more opportunities to expand single sets into fully-fledged themes. 

An interview was recently held between select fan media and LEGO designers including the original creator of the 21326 Winnie the Pooh project, Ben Alder. Topics included how the set was developed and other expected snippets of information. 

However, as discussed in a summary video from Ashnflash, the LEGO Ideas team mentioned that they are looking for the next Minecraft. The video game theme has been a part of the LEGO Group’s catalogue for almost 10 years, but it started as a single set from the CUUSOO platform. 

CUUSOO is the previous name for LEGO Ideas and 21102 Minecraft Micro World: The Forest was the third project developed into an official model, and it seems that the LEGO Group want to repeat the submission’s success. 


Other licensed properties have seen multiple sets come from LEGO Ideas such as Ghostbusters but from the sounds of it, it’s not been enough for the LEGO Ideas designers. With this information and eight projects currently being transformed into upcoming builds, there’s potential for some of them to be chosen for future themes such as Seinfeld, Sonic Mania, or Home Alone.

We’ll have to see which, if any, of the upcoming LEGO Ideas sets go on to produce more models than originally submitted and nothing is confirmed beyond the builds we already know to be on the way.  

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