LEGO Ideas project of week – Oscar special

We carry on our Oscars themed weekend with a special Ideas pick. Now it’s one thing build your own but it’s another to own an official one. Well that could be possible! Nathan the man who created the LEGO Oscar has put it on LEGO Ideas and currently it has 3860 supporters and needs to hit 5000 in the next 178 days to keep going. Nathan has already stated that should the project get to 10k and pass review, any royalties he should get he will donate them to the Art Revolution Foundation, which supports arts education and puts art supplies into schools.

Does it stand a chance of hitting 10k I’m not sure, will it pass review I’m even less sure as his Small Yellow project that did hit 10k failed to make the cut. So will be interesting as it would no doubt require a license as well. However the only way to find out is to support for it, so click here and who knows next year we can all watch the Oscars holding our own official LEGO version 😎





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