LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle was almost an entirely different colour

The biggest LEGO Marvel set to date will soon launch for VIP members, but did you know that 76178 Daily Bugle was once an entirely different colour? 

A recent Reddit AMA has revealed several new details on the development of 76178 Daily Bugle, including that it once had more than double the number of minifigures. However, Mark Stafford, the designer for the set, also revealed as part of the AMA that multiple elements of the final model were once a much brighter colour than the concrete grey and eye-catching red. 

“The Bugle has always been portrayed as a modern rectangular skyscraper in the comics, until the Raimi movies I think this was its iconic look,” comments Mark, “After those the Flatiron building is in a lot of peoples’ heads (fun fact the Flatiron is a trademark and requires a license). The recent video games walked a line between these by colouring their skyscraper tan – a choice I almost went for here, but the minifigures stand out much better against a neutral grey.”

LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle 1

That’s not the only element of the building that was once a different colour though, as stated in another comment

“Until the last possible moment the ‘Daily Bugle’ text on the top of this was yellow. I felt it was more true to the classic comics and nicely balanced the taxi at street level,” Mark Stafford explains “However Marvel requested it be red.” 

You can read up on more on 76178 Daily Bugle with a full gallery of images, a deep dive into the comic book history of the characters or why it’s the designers dream LEGO set. The set will launch on May 26 for VIP members or June 1 for everyone.

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