LEGO Marvel 76191 Infinity Gauntlet review

Harness the power of the most dangerous object in the universe with 76191 Infinity Gauntlet, a record-breaking Marvel set that promises to bring balance to your LEGO collection.

First appearing in comic books in 1991, the Infinity Gauntlet achieved worldwide renown through the über-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his golden glove, Thanos could harness the abilities of all six Infinity Stones and wipe out half the universe with a simple snap of his fingers.

76191 Infinity Gauntlet feels like a logical progression from the recent helmets and busts, moving the sub-theme forward while also paving the way for future sets based on iconic objects from the Marvel universe. (Just imagine Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield at this scale.) Considering the DC and Marvel busts and helmets have mostly missed the mark, this set could breathe life into the stumbling superhero sub-theme.

When 76191 Infinity Gauntlet was first revealed, it was met with praise for its apparent accuracy and the use of a multitude of gold drum-lacquered parts (153 in total – a record number) giving the set an exclusive and grown-up feel. Let’s just hope that the saying’s true, and all that glitters really is gold.


— Set details —

Theme: LEGO Marvel Set name: 76191 Infinity Gauntlet Release: June 1, 2021

Price: £59.99 / $69.99 / €69.99 Pieces: 590 Minifigures: 0

Jadlam Toys: Available now LEGO: Available now

— Build —

Just three bags contain the 590 parts needed to complete the Infinity Gauntlet, but included within are the record-breaking 153 drum-lacquered gold pieces. Among them are 1×1 tiles, 1×1 slopes, 1×2 ingots, 2×2 corner tiles with cut corners, 1×1 quarter tiles, 2×3 pentagonal tiles and even 3×10 right and left wedges (also appearing here in dark tan for the first time) – all of which help this set stand out from the get-go. 

There are some similarities between this model and the recent LEGO Helmet Collection sets. Both are attached to a brick-built display stand, complete with printed display plaque, and for the start of the build the process feels very familiar. However, the inner core here is a lot thinner, as the gauntlet’s wrist guards hang down from the base, rather than being built on to the base, as is the case with the helmets.

There are also a lot more connection points – clips, studs and ball-and-socket joints are all used to attach the various parts of the gauntlet’s structure. For fans who have worked their way through all of the LEGO helmets currently on the market, this makes for a welcome and refreshing change.

Once the stand is complete, the rest of the build is dedicated to constructing the gauntlet itself, and this is where the build process really starts to shine – both figuratively and literally.

The drum-lacquered gold pieces are put to use almost immediately, and the decision to design this set using these parts really elevates it into something that not only feels quite majestic, but also looks incredibly authentic too. Really, it was the only colour choice the designers could have used to recreate the gauntlet in the most accurate way possible and the set is so much better for it.

It’s such a pleasure building with these pieces as they look fantastic and are extremely tactile to use, enhancing the build experience into something that’s joyous on a multi-sensory level – well, when we say ‘multi’ we really mean just two, sight and touch, but it’s still a wonderfully enjoyable process nonetheless.

Of course, the set would command an astronomical price if the whole thing were constructed from these pieces and so a mix of tan and dark tan plates, bricks and curved slopes are also used throughout, creating a pleasing and accurate colour scheme.

Inventive techniques are used to create interesting shaping and texture. The way the 2×3 pentagonal tile fits perfectly into the gap created by the 2×2 corner tiles with cut corners feels and looks very satisfying. The use of wedge plates attached to the right and left 3×10 wedges integrates the curves of the wrist guards seamlessly, and the hard lines and angles that decorate this section give the model a real comic book feel. 

Wonderful moments of inspiration are spread across the entire model. The way the hand comes together is masterful: it’s reverse building at its finest, with studs facing both directions using incredibly clever techniques. The way the side of the hand slots into place is just genius too.

It’s unusual for a model like this to have play features built in, as they’re usually intended for display only. However, as a nice addition the gauntlet’s fingers are fully posable, allowing the set to be displayed with the fingers spread out, in a clenched fist, giving a thumbs-up or, most fittingly, posed in Thanos’s iconic snap. 

Finally, each Infinity Stone not only looks accurate (made from a collection of appropriately trans-coloured pieces) but are also the last elements to be added to the model, giving fans the experience of adding each stone, one by one, to the powerful artefact. Once finished the final model looks absolutely superb.

It’s not quite perfect – there’s a little bit of a gap around the thumb area, and the view from the left hand side isn’t quite as good as when viewed from other angles, but overall it’s still an expertly crafted and unique display piece. 

— Characters —

Just as with other recent display models like 76165 Iron Man Helmet and 76199 Carnage, 76191 Infinity Gauntlet comes with no minifigures, but it really doesn’t need one as the set is good enough on its own. If you’re after a corresponding character for display purposes, though, an excellent Thanos bigfig appears in 76192 Avengers: Endgame Final Battle.

— Price —

While 76191 Infinity Gauntlet does appear to be one of the pricier sets in this style, it certainly doesn’t feel like you are being shortchanged. There are countless parts in new colours made exclusively for this set, and if anything the drum-lacquered gold pieces alone make it feel like quite a bargain. The price-to-part ratio isn’t the best, but the enjoyment experienced while constructing the set and the overall aesthetic appeal of the final model more than make up for it.  

— Pictures —

— Summary —

76191 Infinity Gauntlet is a stylish and elegant set. The build process offers unique techniques, innovative ways to create shaping and textures and is a thoroughly enjoyable process pretty much from start to finish. The final model is stunning and looks good from almost every angle, and the way the light bounces off both the Infinity Stones and the drum-lacquered pieces makes for an incredibly eye-catching display piece. The hinged fingers allow for a multitude of ways to pose the model, further adding to its overall appeal. Even the price seems fair, so it’s really hard to find fault at all. 

Veteran fans of Marvel will want to snap this up as quickly as possible, and even casual fans will get a lot of enjoyment from this set. As Thanos himself would say: it’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be. 

This set was provided for review by Jadlam Toys.

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— FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO Marvel 76191 Infinity Gauntlet?

76191 Infinity Gauntlet won’t take long – probably between 60 to 90 minutes – but it’s an incredibly enjoyable experience offering up some fantastic techniques. 

How many pieces are in LEGO Marvel 76191 Infinity Gauntlet?

76191 Infinity Gauntlet contains 590 pieces, but 153 of those are drum-lacquered gold parts, ranging from small elements such as 1×1 tiles and 2×2 corners with cut corners to larger pieces such as 3×10 wedges.

How big is LEGO Marvel 76191 Infinity Gauntlet?

76191 Infinity Gauntlet is actually a fairly sizeable model, coming in at roughly the same size as an average human hand. The exact measurements are 31cm high, 13cm wide and 11cm deep.

How much does LEGO Marvel 76191 Infinity Gauntlet cost?

76191 Infinity Gauntlet is available now from Jadlam Toys and, and retails for £59.99 in the UK, $69.99 in the US and €69.99 across Europe.

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Dimitri Nicomanis
Dimitri Nicomanis
I have more than 20 years in television production and photography and can finally put all that experience to good use by combining it with my number one passion in life, LEGO! I love all things brick-related, but the theme that really floats my boat is the original LEGO Pirates range. I currently have a LEGO wishlist that far outstretches my shelf space... and bank balance!

Dimitri Nicomanis

I have more than 20 years in television production and photography and can finally put all that experience to good use by combining it with my number one passion in life, LEGO! I love all things brick-related, but the theme that really floats my boat is the original LEGO Pirates range. I currently have a LEGO wishlist that far outstretches my shelf space... and bank balance!

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