LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76083 Beware The Vulture review

Besides packing in pretty much every main character from Spider-Man Homecoming, what else does 76083 Beware the Vulture offer?

Price: £44.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 Pieces: 375 Available: Now

LEGO sets from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have a lot to deliver. Even the biggest blockbusters in the franchise are allotted only a few slots within the LEGO Group’s product portfolio. The result is that a few sets have to pack all the essential characters, vehicles, and locations into their piece counts; the essence of a film must be captured in a few hundred parts. Some sets do it better than others, fortunately 76083 Beware the Vulture is one of the former.

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Boiled down to its essence, Spider-Man Homecoming is about the relationship between mentor Tony Stark and protege Peter Parker as the young man’s alter ego fights the Vulture’s organisation who make their fortune by stealing and repurposing the advanced technology that Stark Industries and the rise of super heroes has unleashed upon the world. Somehow, designers have managed to pack all of that into this 375 piece set.

The titular character is the absolute highlight of 76083 Beware the Vulture. The LEGO Group has captured the look and feel of the on-screen hang glider of death quite well. The Vulture attaches to his wings via a simple stud connector backpack. While his figure is exquisitely detailed he also represents the set’s biggest missed opportunity – no alternate headgear. In the film, Michael Keaton’s character spends almost as much time with his helmet off as he does with it on. There is a strong precedent within recent LEGO sets for alternate headgear to be included for figures who wear helmets but for some reason it is omitted here. This is, however, a minor gripe and something most fans can easily remedy with an old man hairpiece from their collection.

Iron Man sports a new suit, though truth be told there have been so many versions of him now that they are all starting to blend together. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man sports a new outift to match his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart. The unimaginatively named Shocker makes his minifigure debut here to round out the four minifigures included in the set.

Stealing advanced technology is the centerpiece of the plot carried out by this non-world threatening group of villains. This was a decidedly lovely respite from the constant stream of potentially apocalyptic calamities that the MCU has trotted out in the last few films. That side of the movie is represented by a truck loaded with crates and a stud shooting Gatling gun meant to represent a Chitauri weapon.

While this exact vehicle does not appear in the film, it is a fabulous build that perfectly enables recreation of the type of heist scenes that appeared in the movie. While an official driver would have been a great inclusion, four minifigures is more than could have been expected in a set at this price point. Lovers of the City Great Vehicles line will be pleased that the truck, especially if omitting the stickers, will make a perfect addition to a City layout as there is nothing abnormal or advanced about it aside from its contents.

The designers of this Beware the Vulture have taken a delightful, expansive movie and distilled it down to a reasonably priced four minifigure set that captures all of the important themes and characters – no easy feat. The fruit of their labours is a set that will delight AFOLs, kids, minifigure fans, and folks who just want another great looking vehicle to place in their LEGO City. That is a disparate and often incompatible group of fans to satisfy, but 76083 does it. Be sure to pick this one up while you still can, value like this does not come along that often.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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