LEGO MASTERS Australia Season 2 contestants announced

The builders who will be competing in LEGO MASTERS Australia Series 2 have been announced, with 16 LEGO fans ready to build for the chance to win $100,000.

LEGO MASTERS Australia is returning on April 19 for Series 2, which will see 16 new contestants competing for the ultimate LEGO bragging rights – and a $100,000 prize. Hosted by Hamish Blake with Ryan “Brickman” McNaught on judging duties, each episode will see the teams of two building in a specific challenge.

Nine has revealed the eight teams who will be taking part in this year’s edition of LEGO MASTERS Australia:

Andrew and Damian


Best friends Andrew and Damian plan on strategising their builds, coming up with a detailed game plan for each one of their creations. They both love SNOT (studs not on top) bricks.

Damian is not the best multi-tasker but has an eye for detail and will want a polished end product. His largest build so far is a medieval display. “Building with LEGO transports me to another place where time stands still. I can get lost in the creative process for hours,” he says.

Andrew shares his LEGO love with his wide and five children. He is a music teacher and composes his own music. “When I build I feel creative, energised from within, and a great and deep sense of accomplishment when completing a build of my own,” he says.

Annie and Runa

Annie and Runa are very different but both have a passion for the LEGO brick. Annie dreams of having 300,000 bricks to build her home street with, while Runa imagines building the immense Yggdrasil tree.

It was visiting Brickvention with her younger brother that led to Runa becoming obsessed with the brick, while Annie used LEGO building as a way to work through her recovery after suffering from a brain infection at the age of 15.

Runa, a scientist and mother of two, has a blocky building style, using basic bricks to make large scale sculptures. Annie reads tealeaves for a living, with her LEGO hobby helping her feel calm and creative in her hectic life as a mother of two.

Jackson and Alex
Western Australia

Best friends since high school, Jackson and Alex have allowed their LEGO hobby to influence their career paths – Jackson is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and Alex is an environmental engineer.

Jackson has lived, worked and travelled around the world, including the United States, South-East Asia, India and Japan. He seeks inspiration for his art everywhere he looks. “When I have a great idea and all the pieces on hand I can get into a very relaxed, meditative state of flow when building,” he says.

Building with LEGO bricks plays to Alex’s strengths as he considers himself a problem solver and creative thinker. His building style dynamic and dramatic, with the model he likes best being a vignette of a dive bar with a drunken brawl going on.

Jay and Stani
New South Wales

This pair of builders has also shared a LEGO love since childhood, with Jay being more of a Technic orientated builder and Stani being more of a ‘big picture’ builder.

An illustrator by trade, Jay loves being able to create something entirely from his imagination. The father likes to be pushed out of his comfort zone and having to solve problems in the moment.

Stani has an entire LEGO world thanks to his impressive collection of around three million LEGO elements. He never considers a build complete until every minute detail has been perfected.

Jennifer and Jodie
Queensland/South Australia

Jennifer and Jodie will be putting together LEGO sculptures unlike anything ever seen. The duo love playing with textures and using elements in weird and wonderful ways.

A researcher and program coordinator by day, Jennifer supplements her LEGO hobby with other creative activities such as knitting and crafts. “I like to experiment, build, innovate and design with a childlike enthusiasm,” she says.

Being a mother of two keeps Jodie busy when she is not building – or dressing up as LEGO Batman at Brixpo. She uses LEGO activities in the home-schooling she does with her children.

Summer and Iona
South Australia

With Summer more outgoing and Iona more introverted, these two builders seem ready to complement each other in the competition.

Both builders have competed in the First LEGO League, with Iona reaching the international level of the competition. Her LEGO hobby helps her feel calm in a busy life, as she loves letting her imagination go wild.

Despite being an extrovert, Summer is logical and level-headed. She is studying engineering at university and enjoys building MINDSTORMS robots.

Tim and Dannii

These high school sweethearts are polar opposites, but Tim and Dannii trust that it makes them the perfect team.

LEGO building helped Tim during his recovery after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour a few years ago. He is a big kid with a vivid imagination, playing role playing games and video games when not LEGO building.

Dannii is bringing her problem-solving skills to the contest to give them a competitive edge. She has built a life-sized axolotl and handheld music box, with her other hobbies including pole fitness and realism art.

Trent and Josh
South Australia

Trent is an account and Josh is a school chaplaincy, with the pair ready to bring their LEGO talent to the television.

Despite his day job, Trent loves to create builds that are big and bright with fun characters. His dream job list includes professional LEGO designer, curator of a toy museum and television host discussing the latest in the toy world.

Josh works with children as a school chaplain and children’s ministry worker, who likes to see his hard work coming to fruition. He believes that LEGO building “has the potential to foster problem-solving skills and makes you think outside the box”.

LEGO MASTERS is also currently airing in the USA.

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Graham E. Hancock
Graham was the Brick Fanatics Editor up until November 2020. He has plenty of experience working on LEGO related projects, including LEGO Star Wars: The Force of Creativity. He has contributed to various websites and publications on topics including niche hobbies, the toy industry and education.

Graham E. Hancock

Graham was the Brick Fanatics Editor up until November 2020. He has plenty of experience working on LEGO related projects, including LEGO Star Wars: The Force of Creativity. He has contributed to various websites and publications on topics including niche hobbies, the toy industry and education.

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