LEGO MASTERS USA is coming to the UK

If you’ve been waiting for a return to LEGO MASTERS in the UK, then the American version of the brick-building competition is set to hit your screens soon. 

The Channel 4 press website is listing LEGO MASTERS USA under a recently posted list of acquired shows, which includes other series from Fox. 

This likely means that the show will be airing on UK screens soon, maybe even sometime this year. The TV series pits LEGO builders against each other in a multi-episode tournament to be crowned LEGO MASTERS. 

The UK version of the show ran for one full season and even had a Christmas spinoff but unfortunately, no second season was ever announced. Hopefully one day, LEGO designer Matthew Ashton will return to your TV alongside the show but in the meantime, at least LEGO MASTERS is coming back to the country in some form. 


Unfortunately, there’s no listed air date in the acquisition announcement or any indication of what channel it will be on, but we’ll keep you updated if any more information arises.  The announcement article does state Q1 as a reference point, so it may be arriving sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the trailer for the first season of LEGO MASTERS USA and a second season is currently in development

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