LEGO Minecraft Black Friday deals 2022

Thank you for joining us across Black Friday 2022 in pursuit of the best LEGO Minecraft Black Friday deals – as the wait for LEGO Minecraft Black Friday 2023 begins, keep track through the rest of the year of the very latest and best LEGO deals here.

LEGO Minecraft’s range of game-inspired builds may be included in the annual Black Friday discounts, ready for you to start or expand your LEGO Minecraft world. Clicking each of the retailer links below will show you their respective LEGO Minecraft Black Friday deals; these will be widely available from November 25. You can also find the best and latest LEGO Minecraft Black Friday deals further down the page.


Best LEGO Minecraft Black Friday discounts

Keep checking back here around Black Friday (November 25) for all of the best Black Friday discounts in the LEGO Minecraft range.

Latest LEGO Minecraft Black Friday discounts

Come here on Black Friday to see which LEGO Minecraft discounts are coming in. This table will be updated with discounts as we find them.

CountryRetailerLEGO Minecraft setRRPBlack Friday priceBlack Friday savingLink
Coming soonComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon

We don’t yet know exactly what discounts Black Friday 2022 will hold but there are several LEGO Minecraft models of varying sizes currently on the market. That should mean that retailers, as well as the LEGO Group, have plenty of options when it comes to deciding what will be reduced. 

Newer builds may be less likely to receive the more tempting discounts, but Black Friday 2022 could still be a good time to catch up on previous LEGO Minecraft releases. 

LEGO Minecraft Black Friday discounts

LEGO Minecraft is one of the LEGO Group’s many licensed themes, but has been going for almost 10 years now. As the name suggests, it’s a theme based on the video game of the same name. Due to the nature of Minecraft, the theme features less vehicles, mechs and giant brick-built creatures than other themes, opting instead for statues of in-game creatures and various locations both natural and player-made. 

As such, all LEGO Minecraft sets are useful in creating and expanding a block-filled world based on the game and Black Friday serves as a chance to kickstart or continue your collection. 

LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box Black Friday deals

LEGO Minecraft 21161 The Crafting Box 3.0

21161 The Crafting Box 3.0 is one of the best ways to start a LEGO Minecraft collection, acting as a starting point in the theme with a Steve and Alex minifigure as well as a Zombie, Creeper and pig. 

There’s no wrong way to use the bricks in the box, whether you’re using them to bolster your existing house or making something original out of the set. Those who have yet to experience LEGO Minecraft should keep an eye out for deals on this model over Black Friday 2022. 

LEGO Minecraft figures Black Friday deals

Anyone with at least a couple of LEGO Minecraft sets likely has one or two Steve and Alex minifigures already. However, in recent years, the theme has embraced original designs for LEGO Minecraft minifigures. 21160 The Illager Raid, for example, features Kai from NINJAGO. These sets are more collectable than the others thanks to these minifigures and may receive a variety of discounts during Black Friday 2022. 

LEGO Minecraft retiring sets Black Friday deals

LEGO Minecraft 21152 The Pirate Ship Adventure edited

Like any other theme, LEGO Minecraft has several sets scheduled for retirement at the end of 2022. These models may be more likely to receive Black Friday discounts as retailers clear out remaining stock to make way for new sets

We’ve got an updated guide to the retiring LEGO Minecraft sets, as well as those from every theme, that you can read by clicking here but some highlights include 21173 The Sky Tower, 21174 The Modern Treehouse and 21176 The Jungle Abomination.

Click here to find all the Black Friday deals we’re hoping to see in 2022, and be sure to check this page regularly for all the LEGO Minecraft Black Friday deals.