LEGO news fans need from New York Toy Fair 2020

With plenty of LEGO news having arrived from the International Toy Fair in Germany, Brick Fanatics looks ahead to New York Toy Fair

International Toy Fair is wrapping up in Nuremberg, Germany. With London also in the rear-view mirror, the last event in the season is New York Toy Fair. With plenty that fans don’t know about what is coming from the LEGO Group this year, there is a lot that they will be hoping to be revealed at the USA’s toy industry shindig when it kicks off on February 22.

Star Wars

What next? Firstly, are those bust sets really happening? But then fans will also want to know whether there will be more from Star Wars: The Mandalorian. While Baby Yoda is rumoured to be coming in the BrickHeadz theme, collectors will also want a minifigure scale version along with the Razor Crest.

Beyond The Mandalorian, there are new episodes of The Clone Wars that may provide opportunity for new sets – a Battle Pack based on Bad Batch could be appealing. Then there will need to be a balance with the many classic trilogy and prequel trilogy sets that long-term fans enjoy seeing in the mix.

Star Wars The Mandalorian


Surely there is more on the way from the video game theme, but what? So far, the sets have covered all sorts of aspects of the Overwatch world, from animated backstories to actual game scenarios.

Marvel and DC

Well it seems like Birds of Prey, and the characters it features, is not getting much love. Wonder Woman will surely get more models from the DC theme, although she is not a character who lends well to vehicles, so perhaps location based models are more likely.

As for Marvel, Black Widow is only getting a singular set. The New Mutants is a leftover film from the Fox production slate, so Disney will not be encouraging the LEGO Group to focus on it. Give then enormous cast and sci-fi setting, The Eternals is the film most likely to get a decent LEGO range – other than that, the design team might have t o mine the comic books for inspiration.


These characters are dear to the hearts of many children and some adults, so there will be some interest in finding out what is coming from this theme. It will largely depend on the events of Minions: The Rise of Gru – and given the wacky world that the characters inhabit, those events could involve pretty much anything.

LEGO Minions

Inside the HOUSE OF DOTS

New themes

Rumour is that a new adult targeted theme is on the way, offering something different to the usual LEGO format. Given how closely the LEGO Group guards its secrets at the moment, it is unlikely that press will be allowed to see this theme unless its launch is imminent.


Technic Fast & Furious, Technic Lamborghini, Architecture White House – they all sound great, but fans want to see these things. Hopefully photography will be permitted at the LEGO stand, so some of these tantalising new sets will be properly revealed.

LEGO products that have been announced during the Toy Fair season include DOTS, Technic Fast & Furious, Technic Lamborghini, Friends summer releases, Creator summer releases, City summer releases, Technic summer releases, NINJAGO summer releases, Marvel Super Heroes 76165 Iron Man Bust and Architecture 21054 The White House.

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