LEGO NINJAGO Dragons Rising poster includes new characters but may miss others 

Merging all five fragments of the LEGO NINJAGO Dragons Rising poster has revealed four new characters, but a few more seem to be missing. 

The five scattered parts of the LEGO NINJAGO Dragons Rising poster have now been revealed and combined, though the poster is far from finished with the provided pieces. 

Despite the gaps, there seem to be at least four new characters in the upcoming season that are important enough to be included in the initial marketing. These include a ninja with horns on the mask, a character with cat-like ears on a hood and a small dragon. There’s also a wolf-like minifigure with a large hammer and golden armour. 

They are positioned alongside Lloyd, Nya and Kai, with half of the normal team currently missing from the poster – Cole, Jay and Zane. 


While there are still numerous sizable gaps in the poster, these only appear to be big enough to fit one of either Cole, Jay and Zane or anyone else. That is unless they appear smaller in the background, or the poster is bigger than we believe it to be. 

We’ll have to wait and see if the full slate of NINJAGO’s characters appears in Dragons Rising alongside the new minifigures. Currently, the next season is scheduled to release on June 1 with further staggered release dates in various regions.


CountryRelease date / window
Africa  June  
Armenia  June  
Australia  July 1  
Azerbaijan  June  
Beneleux  June 26  
Bulgaria  June 26  
Canada  June 1  
China  June  
Czech Republic  June 26  
France  June 4  
Germany  June 5  
HK / TW  July  
Hungary  June 26  
Indonesia  July  
Italy  June  
Japan  June 1  
Kazakhstan  June  
Korea  June 6  
Kyrgyzstan  June  
LATAM  June 1  
Middle East and North Africa June  
Moldova  June 26  
Nordics  July  
Poland  June 26 
Portugal June 26 
Romania June 26 
SEA July 
Slovakia June 26 
Spain June 
Tajikstan June 
UK June 
Ukraine June 
USA June 1 
Uzbekistan June 

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