LEGO now offering accessible option for watching LEGO CON

The LEGO Group has made their first-ever LEGO CON more accessible than ever before with the entire show now dubbed in sign language for builders who need it.

Continuing the companies recent efforts towards accessibility in their products, no small part of which is thanks to the global rollout of braille bricks, LEGO CON 2021 now has an option for builders with hearing loss, just as long as you understand American sign language (ASL).

Alongside the other recent videos on YouTube separating LEGO CON into bite-size segments as well as the full recording of the show, another upload dedicated to the digital event has appeared on the LEGO Group’s YouTube channel with all two hours now dubbed in ASL with a translator following along with every moment.

It’s a rare moment that the LEGO Group has provided some of their official media with optional ASL dubbing and hopefully, it won’t be the last from the company for those who prefer the language over closed captioning. Recently, transcripts for every episode of the official LEGO Games podcast have been made available too, so perhaps such options will be a regular inclusion moving forward.

Builders who want or need the option can now get just as involved in the show as everyone else, and it seems likely that this will continue to next year’s confirmed version too. If you’d like to catch up on the show but don’t have two hours to spare, we have our own liveblog with the best moments of the show on display for all to see.

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