Here’s LEGO’s official reason for not including Andy in 21336 The Office

Wondering where Andy Bernard is in LEGO Ideas 21336 The Office? The LEGO Group has provided an official explanation for the character’s absence from the set’s minifigure line-up.

While the latest LEGO Ideas set to hit shelves contains an incredible 15 minifigures, covering nearly every main cast member from the US sitcom’s first season, there are plenty of gaps to fill from both those early episodes and later seasons. Chief among them are Andy Bernard and Erin Hannon, probably the two biggest omissions from the show’s regular cast (across the entire series).

If you’ve already put together the 1,164-piece set – and taken in its very many references – you’ll know that while there are no specific nods to Erin, there is an obvious allusion to Andy. Through smart use of a 1×2 Technic brick, there’s a very deliberately placed hole in the wall between Michael’s office and the conference room, intended to represent the moment Andy punched through it in Season 3’s ‘The Return’.

Andy himself, though, is entirely missing from 21336 The Office – and according to the LEGO design team responsible for turning fan designer Jaijai Lewis’s submission into an official model, the reason is tied very closely to that reference. “[The LEGO Group’s] official response is that he’s off to anger management because he punched a hole in the wall,” Ashnflash reports.

It makes sense, but it’s not going to be much reassurance for those of us hoping for an official take on Andy Bernard. Fingers crossed the LEGO Group has an expansion set up its sleeve somewhere down the line – the fan community has already shown there’s plenty of potential for it, after all…

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4 thoughts on “Here’s LEGO’s official reason for not including Andy in 21336 The Office

  • 17/10/2022 at 14:19

    im hoping for extended sets, such as dining area, toilets with ryan’s temporary office, toby’s & kelly’s room…

    • 18/10/2022 at 11:55

      my son and I caught the hole when building the set and almost gave up the Toby figure as Andy but not as good an Andy as the rest of the characters were made. we then just decided there is too many things that could be added, and since he had already built the 2 friends sets we chalked it up to Andy would come later when they added the other areas. Lego’s has a great opportunity here, to make at least two more sets. finishing the offices and kitchen, bathroom,eating area and Toby and Kelly’s offices and a second if they include a
      set of the warehouse. they can add the warehouse people as well as Erin and Andy and Jan and David and Mose. then as special pieces some of Michael’s girlfriends and the fill in bosses that applied and worked after Michael first left. Lego’s could have so much fun with this!!

  • 16/10/2022 at 20:25

    He was an awful, annoying character. When they tried to make him the focal point they ruined the show. No business being in that set


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