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The 40542 FC Barcelona Go Brick Me is one of the LEGO Brick Headz sets, released in 2022. It has 530 pieces, and it would take approximately 1 hour 20 minutes to build.


Not every LEGO rumour is on the money, and there were plenty in 2023 that missed the mark by some distance – from the wrong LEGO Star Wars dioramas to a Harry Potter bus that never was…

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FC Barcelona Go Brick Me( 40542)

£ 17.99

FC Barcelona Go Brick Me( 40542)

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Kids and fans of FC Barcelona will be thrilled to build a BrickHeadz” model of themselves playing for one of the world s biggest football clubs! They can choose from 3 different skin tones, 4 different hair colors and many different hair styles including spikes, ponytails, a mohawk or shaved. The shirt features the club s iconic crest on the front, while there are also 2 sticker sheets so fans can add their favorite number on the back.

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