76160 Mobile Bat Base LEGO Set

Price: $89.99/£79.99

Lots of Batman” vehicles, gadgets and weapons in 1 awesome truck


Year: 2020

Pieces: 743




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The LEGO® DC Mobile Bat Base (76160) incorporates 5 iconic vehicles, a bunch of awesome weapons and lots of cool gadgets. With 6 popular LEGO DC minifigures from the Batman” movies, this set gives kids everything they need to explore an exciting world of Batman adventures! LEGO Batman Batcave” playset on wheels! Kids join Batman, Batgirl” and Nightwing” on the hunt for notorious Super-Villains Mr. Freeze”, Man-Bat” and Bronze Tiger”. The high-tech Mobile Bat Base is packed with exciting hidden features: Detach the Batjet from the trailer and unfold its wings; when it lands, drive the BatQuad out of the rear; unfasten the motorcycle from the back of the truck; release a water scooter from the front of the truck with the touch of a switch & there’s even an on-board jail for the bad guys and an explosion feature for when they escape. Batman building toys and action minifiguresLEGO DC Batman playsets bring all the thrills and epic fun of the Batman movies into kids’ homes.