42135 Monster Jam" El Toro Loco"

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The 42135 Monster Jam" El Toro Loco" is one of the LEGO Technic sets, released in 2022. It has 247 pieces, and it would take approximately 37 minutes to build.


Looking to head off the beaten path? Want to take a walk – or drive – on the wild side? LEGO Technic 42139 All-Terrain Vehicle is the set for you.

A hovercraft. A microlight. A home cinema system with the screen that comes down from the ceiling. One of those replica lightsabers that looks really realistic and makes the 'zshooonggg' noise when you swoosh it around. These are all things that very few people actually need, but plenty of people really, really want.

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LEGO Technic 42135 Monster Jam El Toro Loco( 42135)

£ 17.99

Monster Jam" El Toro Loco"( 42135)

£ 17.99

LEGO Technic Monster Jam El Toro Loco Truck Toy ( 42135)

£ 18.00

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One of the most iconic trucks from Monster Jam”, El Toro Loco” (42135) always delivers a thrilling performance. Now kids aged 7 and up can recreate their favorite monster truck in LEGO form with this action-packed building toy. Fans of the famous truck will love spotting the horns, nose ring, teeth and fire graphics just like on the real thing. Kids can pull back the toy truck to send it racing along or build their own ramps to recreate cool tricks. A 2-in-1 toy for hours more funThere s lots to discover in this building set. When kids want a new challenge, they can rebuild their monster truck toy into a pull-back Rock Racer. This all-terrain race vehicle also features an authentic safety cage in the cab. Inspiring the engineers of tomorrowWith vehicles that look and function like the real thing, LEGO Technic buildable models provide a great introduction to engineering and mechanics for young LEGO fans.

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