LEGO Star Wars 4+ theme rumoured for 2019

Rumours suggest that four new LEGO Star Wars sets will be part of a new 4+ theme that will replace Juniors next year.

Brick Fanatics has received word that Juniors may become 4+ next year, with the “junorised” sets part of the corresponding theme, but with additional 4+ branding to let parents know that they offer an easier build experience. To coincide with this change, Star Wars is expected to get a first batch of these simple sets. This is not unusual for the Star Wars brand, which has previously had Hasbro products targeted at small children.

Rebelscum has named the four sets that the site is predicting will be the first 4+ LEGO Star Wars products, which are expected to have big, moulded pieces that snap together in extremely simple builds.

Here are the four sets that the website is reporting, along with the relevant US prices:

75235 Juniors X-Wing Starfighter – $29.99
75236 Juniors Slave I – $19.99
75237 Juniors TIE Fighter – $19.99
75247 Juniors A-Wing Starfighter – $14.99

Brick Fanatics also reported the news today that a 20th anniversary wave of LEGO Star Wars sets is rumoured to launch next year, celebrating the longevity of the popular theme.

All of this should be treated as rumour until it is officially confirmed by the LEGO Group.

LEGO Star Wars sets are available now at


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