LEGO Star Wars The Bad Batch build makes odd second appearance

One of the only LEGO Star Wars: The Bad Batch builds has been spotted again in a trailer for the second season, and it’s not the attack shuttle. 

As spotted by Baxy on Twitter, a model first seen in 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle was, whether intentional or not, a first look at the second season of the series as the green speeder bike appears in the latest trailer

However, it’s not quite as simple as that as the green vehicle also appeared in the first season during a chase scene in the fourth episode. 

Now, in the trailer for Season 2, a character can be seen boarding a speeder bike with the exact same colour and design. It’s likely that this is just a resue of assets and it makes some sense that a speeder bike may have multiple copies from a manufacturer in a galaxy far, far away. 


However, there’s an upside to this appearance as it means that the shuttle isn’t the only part of 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle that relates to the second season. Now, almost every aspect of the build and its minifigures (though not with the updated appearances) can be used to depict the team’s adventures in the second season. 

75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle is currently sold out on and it may not be restocked before it’s retirement at the end of the month. 

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