LEGO Star Wars: The Bad Batch minifigures could have a different look if not for last-minute change

Star Wars: The Bad Batch director Brad Rau has confirmed that fan feedback changed the look of the characters in one, important way.

Speaking to Collider, Rau confirmed that fan criticism about the whitewashing of the clones before Season 1 did result in changes made to the look of the clones. The movement, united through the hashtag #UnwhitewashTheBadBatch, called for the skin tone of the clones to more closely match that of M?ori actor Temuera Morrison. After seeing early shots of the animated clones, the Bad Batch’s appearances were updated ahead of Season 1’s premiere.

“We listened to all the concerns of the fans,” explained the director. “Interestingly, in Season 1, before season one came out, we’re always doing this, we went back to look at the skin tones, and we made some corrections to make sure that we’re being true to the legacy of the Clones in ‘Clone Wars’. Absolutely, 100%.”

The canon skin tones are reflected in the LEGO Star Wars sets attached to the show, such as 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle, staying close to how the gang appears in the animated show and how Morrison’s live-action appearance.

LEGO Star Wars The Bad Batch minifigure

If this change hadn’t been made, it might well have resulted in minifigures with lighter skin tones, straying away from the canon appearance of the clones.

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