LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures ‘Escape From Coruscant’ review

Kordi and Zander do whatever it takes to rescue their little brother from the clutches of the Emperor, but in the process, they end up losing their greatest weapon to the enemy in the latest episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

Title: Escape From Coruscant  Season: 2  Episode: 11  Original air date: August 14, 2017

Darth Vader presents Rowan to the Emperor in the hopes of finding the Kyber crystals they need to power up the second Death Star.

At the same time, Kordi and Zander seek permission to launch a rescue mission to save their youngest brother. Admiral Ackbar and the rest of the Rebel council deny them the opportunity, since they don’t have the resources to go up against the Imperial forces on Coruscant. That leaves Kordi, Zander and Roger to come up with their own plan, while Rowan does everything he can to not reveal the location of the Kyber crystals.


Spoilers follow, so please watch the episode before reading the review if you wish to avoid them.


Although Rowan is only twelve and half years old, he’s proven time and time again that his skills have grown considerably and that he is quite strong in the Force. He went in with his usual confidence, believing that he could withstand whatever Darth Vader and the Emperor threw at him. It was amusing to see the torturing session start off with a recruitment video and the Emperor enticing Rowan with a free red lightsaber and a limited edition caf mug, especially since the previous episode ended on a more serious note.

Additionally, it was impressive to see Rowan not being affected by the interrogation droids, but that allowed Vader to step in and try a few tactics of his own. Although Rowan initially had a fearless response and the episode opened in a humorous way, things started to become more serious as the events began to unfold. Even though this is a show made of LEGO bricks, there are still repercussions that affect the people Rowan cares about and that’s what gives the series real stakes. 


Unfortunately for Rowan, he couldn’t withhold the information about the Kyber crystals for too long. His purpose this season was to build an effective weapon for the Rebellion, but in a way, he helped complete the second Death Star – which makes him feel like he’s failed the Rebellion.

Rowan is at that age where one failure stands in the way of everything else, but thankfully for him, he has Kordi to snap him out of it. Although the Empire has another victory over them, all is not lost. There is still the hope that things can change for the better and that’s an important message to walk away with, even if wasn’t the intention of the writers.

It was also interesting to see Kordi and Zander take a similar route as the characters in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, since they decided to rebel and act against the Rebellion’s wishes. Lieutenant Valeria also earned extra cool points by encouraging the siblings to do what needed to be done and pretending that she hadn’t seen them.


In the end, however, the Freemakers lost the Arrowhead to M-OC (and poor Roger got the worst of it), making the last three minutes of the episode a whirlwind of action and suspense.

What makes it fun, even though the characters are in a dire predicament, is that the audience is unable to figure out what comes next. A good story keeps you guessing and The Freemaker Adventures has been doing a great job with that, all season long.

There are only two episodes left until the end of the second season, so we’ll be waiting on the edge of our seats to find out what happens to the Freemakers next.

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