LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures ‘Free Fall’ review

Rowan and his team do everything they can to warn the Rebel Alliance but M-OC continues to stand in their way in the penultimate episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

Title: Free Fall  Season: 2  Episode: 12  Original air date: August 15, 2017

The Freemakers manage to escape Coruscant in a TIE Fighter, but with no hyperspace or shields, their ship is hacked to pieces by M-OC and the Arrowhead. Luckily for them, Quarrie comes to the rescue in the StarScavenger and scoops them up to safety, but M-OC is relentless. Quarrie takes them to Shantipole, a remote planet primarily known for its violent atmosphere, with the hope of getting M-OC off their backs.

There, the team come up with a plan to fight back against M-OC, but victory continues to elude them as things take a turn for the worst, leaving the Freemakers stranded on Shantipole with no way of contacting the Rebel Alliance and warning them of the threat headed their way.


Spoilers follow, so please watch the episode before reading the review if you wish to avoid them.


Quarrie, for the most part, hasn’t been part of the action mostly because of his old age, so him coming to the rescue of the Freemakers was a surprise and caused a sigh of relief, especially since the Rebel fleet wasn’t going to come to their aid.

It was also great to see Quarrie return to Shantipole because that’s where fans were first introduced to him in the Star Wars Rebels episode ‘Wings of the Master.’ The atmospheric conditions of the planet had messed around with Hera Syndulla’s ship at the time, and we saw something similar happen to both the Freemakers and M-OC.

It was also the perfect setting for the duel between M-OC and Rowan as they fell through the sky and crossed lightsabers on top of the Arrowhead. The creative team did a superb job with the lighting of that sequence as well as with the music that helped add to the tension.


What hurt the most was using the StarScavenger as a way to finally bring down M-OC. It’s always tough to see a fan-favorite ship go down in a fiery blaze, but it hurt even more to know that it was done in vain. Crashing the StarScavenger against M-OC and the Arrowhead didn’t wipe out the assassin droid as intended, so now the Freemakers have no ship and no way of contacting someone for help.

Add on to that the fact that Rowan’s plan to have M-OC betray Emperor Palpatine completely backfired on him. You’re led to believe that M-OC’s programming will correct itself and turn on his creator, but it does the opposite and it leaves you groaning in frustration. Our heroes have suffered a major defeat, and the story has been done so well that you feel that defeat with them.

At the same time, Darth Vader is one step closer to making the second Death Star operational, now that he has enough Kyber crystals to power it up. The Freemaker Adventures is one of the few stories currently being told that gives us a basic idea of what’s happening in the background as things gradually lead up to Return of the Jedi (whether or not fans choose to take it as a clear cut piece of Star Wars canon).


Given the suspenseful and somber ending to this episode, the story at this point mirrors the tone of The Empire Strikes Back. The good guys lost and the bad guys are one step closer to accomplishing their goal. The Freemakers, in a way, have hit rock bottom – but as the saying goes, the only way to go from there is up.

We know the Rebels win the fight against the Empire in Return of the Jedi, but how will Rowan, Kordi, Zander, and Roger play a role in those events?

There’s only one episode is left in this season, so here’s hoping we get a solid conclusion for the Freemakers, especially since this show has done a remarkable job at expanding the lore between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

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Johnamarie Macias is the keeper of She also writes for Jedi News and podcasts in a variety of shows, including Star Scavengers, a LEGO Star Wars podcast with a focus on The Freemaker Adventures.

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