LEGO is teasing a ‘new holiday icon’ mystery build on Instagram

The LEGO Group’s latest Instagram story is teasing a ‘new holiday icon’ model with a full reveal coming soon. 

Over on Instagram a new story is showcasing multiple darkened angles of a strange model has been posted by the LEGO Group. Identifiable features include a castle segment, satellite dish, pointed cockpit, large wheels and flames at the rear. 

This appears to be a combination of multiple themes in one build, suggesting that it could be a custom model designed by children for promotion only rather than something that you can buy. However, saving this for November 1 presents a sense of mystery, especially given the significance of November to the LEGO Group with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the LEGO VIP Weekend and more.

It’s not yet specifically clear whether this will be a set that is available for purchase, or something made by children that the LEGO Group wishes to promote. However, we’ll know more on November 1 when all is scheduled to be revealed. 

At the time of writing, this model has also only been promoted on Instagram, though there are still a couple of days until November 1, giving time for promotion through other channels, provided it’s a build worthy of that. 

The LEGO Group is also currently offering more traditional holiday icons, including 40426 Christmas Wreath 2-in-1, 40573 Christmas Tree and the new Winter Village set – 10308 Holiday Main Street.

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