LEGO Technic 42091 Police Pursuit review

Will the LEGO Group’s latest police themed Technic pull-back vehicle, 42091 Police Pursuit, be the pride of the precinct or is it best left to traffic duty?

Price: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 Pieces: 120 Available: Dec 26 (UK/Europe), Jan 1 (US)

LEGO Technic 42091 Police Pursuit contains 120 pieces which are used to build a sleek looking blue and white police vehicle with a pull-back function. Having built the entry level 42088 Cherry Picker I thought this set would make for a logical step up and as the pull-back function is something I haven’t experienced in a build before, I was intrigued to see how it worked.

While doing some research for this review I was amazed to discover since LEGO Technic first launched in 1977, there has only been one other Police themed set, 42047 Police Interceptor in 2016. Being that the LEGO City theme is full of police related sets, I find the lack of the representation in Technic form quite surprising.

LEGO Technic 42091 Police Pursuit 7

This is only the second Technic set I have built but already I am getting the hang of the different building techniques required. It’s a very different process but still as satisfying as a regular System set. I am particularly fond of the numbered pieces that help to identify whether a piece is for the left or right side of the build.

This build comes together fairly quickly, but rather disappointingly contains no gear, levers or screw mechanics – it is just a simple framework and the aforementioned pull-back feature. The fins certainly help give this vehicle a sleek, supercar/F1 look but I am not entirely convinced by the overall design. From the front I really love the look of the model, but from the side I really don’t think it looks great at all. The windscreen section looks very bare, made using just one white hose piece, and it looks too gappy. The two brown exposed axles at the back are not very slightly either.

That being said, the colour scheme of this model is perfectly suited for a Police vehicle and I really like the trans-red and trans-blue Bionicle 1×3 tooth parts that are used for the sirens. There are a few stickers included to help finish the look of the vehicle.

Most importantly, the play feature, that being the pull-back function, is excellent. It is surprisingly powerful and you can get some really good speed from the car with little ease. It really does zip along, I found it very enjoyable to pull back and watch it pick up speed.

It should also be noted, especially as there are a few drawbacks with this set, that it can also be combined together with 42090 Getaway Truck to create a giant 4×4 police vehicle, offering additional value for money.

Overall, 42091 Police Pursuit makes for an excellent pull back toy, which I am sure will give hours of fun to children of a certain age, but older builders and collectors will be left wanting something more by the building experience and overall design –especially given the £17.99 price tag.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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