LEGO The Marvels set may help rumoured Marvel Series 2 Collectible minifigures 

A reported minifigure in the rumoured LEGO The Marvels model could help fill in a gap in the rumoured second Marvel minifigure series. 

According to Promobricks, a second series of Marvel Collectible Minifigures is reportedly coming on September 1. The first LEGO Marvel minifigure series included minifigures based on the Disney+ MCU series at the time. Rumour has it that this concept will return with a list of minifigures offering an idea of what could be covered. 

Number Minifigure Source material 
Hawkeye Hawkeye 
Kate Bishop Hawkeye 
Moon Knight Moon Knight 
Mr. Knight Moon Knight 
Agatha Harkness Agatha: Coven of Chaos 
Werewolf by Night Werewolf by Night 
Storm X-Men ’97 
Beast X-Men ’97 
Wolverine X-Men ’97 
10 Echo Echo 
11 Kang Loki 
12 She-Hulk She-Hulk 

The list includes shows that have been released and series yet to start streaming at the time of writing. This means that some shows may be left with no LEGO representation, including Ms. Marvel.

However, exabrickslego_go reports that a Ms. Marvel minifigure will appear in a rumoured LEGO set based on The Marvels alongside Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel and Yan D’Aladna.  


While this seems likely to be based on her outfit in the movie, still missing that initial costume from the series, it would fill in a gap left by the reported Collectible Minifigures series. 

According to the rumoured release date of September 1, at least Secret Invasion will still be missing from the LEGO Marvel portfolio with the series streaming from June 21, 2023. However, as Nick Fury is the star of that series and has multiple official minifigures already, it’s not quite as notable a gap as it could be for Ms. Marvel – a new character with no MCU minifigures at the time of writing.

The LEGO Group has yet to officially confirm any builds for The Marvels or a second series of Marvel Collectible Minifigures so take any rumoured details with caution. 

Featured image: Marvel

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