LEGO is working to make the MRI scanner models more available

The LEGO Group has revealed that plans are in place to improve the availability of the MRI scanner set for hospitals around the world.

We previously reported that the LEGO Group was donating MRI scanner models to hospitals to help explain the medical process to children and other patients, though the process of receiving a donation was unclear. While the build is unlikely to be widely available for sale, the LEGO Group’s official Twitter account has announced that the set’s availability is soon to be expanded.

The LEGO Foundation is currently working to get the brick-built MRI scanner into hospitals around the world and more information is scheduled to be revealed over the next few weeks on social media. The current process to receive a brick-built MRI scanner is unknown, though we know that employees of the LEGO Group have access to them as reported in January 2022.

This likely comes after significant demand from medical professionals to have a set delivered to their hospital and help children understand the process. Our initial story showcases this with plenty of comments asking to receive a donation or where you can apply for one.

Fraser Lovatt of the LEGO Group, who originally posted about the MRI scanner model, clarifies that important resources going alongside the build will ale be available upon request, but nothing more is known at this time.

Featured image: Fraser Lovatt

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