Major Brick Badger update

Finally I’m pleased to tell our fans our sister site Brick Badger has had a database clean and update. Ash who maintains the site has cleared the database of retired and old sets. At same time he has made sure the entire site has ALL the latest LEGO products and all displaying the correct prices and discounts depending on your preferred site.

As before the site updates hourly to list the latest discounts and the top 100 current discounts for the UK, US and the various European sites. You can access all the different version via the main menu. So if you are planning on shopping for LEGO at any of the Amazon sites, please consider going via Brick Badger. It funds the website at no extra cost to you.

Massive thanks to Ash for putting in the hours. The next plan is to give the entire site an update, with a more modern look and interface but that depends on spare time. However right not the main thing is the site is up to date.



    • Rich

      It’s taken this long just to up date the current ones. Add to that it needs a complete facelift, we then may consider others but our main focus is the UK market.

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