Memory Lane: The LEGO Club ‘Welcome Letter’

The personal touch is always nice to have. And with membership from The LEGO Club welcome pack enclosed was this letter from the LEGO Club President Clive Nicholls.

This is the introduction letter as a welcoming member to the The LEGO Club, so the language used is very motivational, to ensure that the youngster gets the most of the pack and offerings.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the Club Sew-on patch, I know for a fact that my badge is somewhere, but in bad nick. My sticker sheet is somewhere as well – I even have some of my bricks still adorning the LEGO emblem on them as I used the stickers to make a LEGO container truck – I am on a hunt to find them.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what it was like to be a member and what to expect as well in terms of content. OK, it is a generic letter, but to a little person in Primary school (I have no clue what this ‘Year X’ business is nowadays) it does give a sense of anticipation for a year when those items come through the post.

I will continue through the archives with more about the LEGO Club once I get around to scanning it all in.



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