More LEGO CITY subthemes we’d like to see get Missions sets

LEGO CITY Missions are new for 2022, covering Wildlife Rescue, Police and Space, but there are more subthemes that need Missions models.

From June 1, 2022, LEGO CITY is adding three Missions sets to the portfolio, casting aside instructions in favour of a story-focused building experience via an app.

Only three models under the Missions category have been confirmed at this time, though we can think of a few more subthemes that would work well under this instructions-free experience.

5 – Farm

Farming is making a comeback in LEGO CITY in the summer 2022 wave, introducing plenty of new animals to the theme. We can imagine a model similar to 60353 Wild Animal Rescue Missions, including enough parts for a tractor and other farming equipment as well as a couple of the animal elements.


4 – Construction

With so many new police stations and other builds year after year, the construction builds in LEGO CITY are all too important to expand the CITY. A missions model could poke fun at this concept, perhaps with a modular structure that can be assembled into different types of buildings.

3 – Stuntz

Stuntz is fairly new to LEGO CITY, but it’s already proven that it can bring in a new cast of colourful and creative characters, fitting well with the concept of a story-based Missions model.

2 – Airport

Though we wouldn’t expect it to include a full passenger plane, LEGO CITY’s Airport subtheme has covered everything from airborne stunt shows to private jets, the latter of which might be small enough to be included in a Missions build, and remixed into other types of aircraft.

1 – Fire

Aside from Police, Fire sets are some of the most common in LEGO CITY and it seems inevitable that Missions will eventually expand to include firefighters and other related builds. An extinguisher has already appeared in 60354 Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions so it might only be a matter of time.

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