More LEGO minifigure plush toys added to the online store

The LEGO Group have added more of their minifigure plush toys to the official online store, including two larger plush characters from NINJAGO

Joining the recent ranges for LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Star Wars, is now home to seven other plush minifigures based on Collectable Minifigures and NINJAGO.  

For the LEGO Group’s original ninja-focused theme, Kai and Lloyd are at the same scale as the previous plush minifigures for Harry Potter and the seasonal toys for Star Wars, costing £27.99 / €31.99 each accordingly. 5007564 Kai and 5007556 Lloyd are both in their NINJAGO Legacy attire. 

However, the five other minifigure plush toys are much smaller and less expensive. Based on entries in the Collectable Minifigures range, 5007558 Fox Costume Girl Plush, 5007557 Shark Suit Guy Plush, 5007565 Hot Dog Guy Plush, 5007555 Penguin Boy Plush and 5007566 Banana Guy Plush are all listed for £19.99 / €21.99. That lower price is because they are only around 22cm tall compared to the 33cm of 5007564 Kai and 5007556 Lloyd

With the range of plush minifigures now covering Star Wars, Harry Potter, NINJAGO and general minifigures, there should be enough choice for gifts ahead of the holiday season. Since our initial report, 5007464 Chewbacca Holiday Plush has also sold out in the UK. 

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