Mr.Bean Custom Minifigure review

We have been sent 4 of the latest custom minifigures from to review. First up is Mr.Bean, I had the nickname Beaney at school because of my ability to talk and dance like him. So when this was released the other month I was very excited. I still have hopes for the Mr.Bean LEGO Ideas project getting pushed through. This year we have seen both LEGO and custom 3rd party minifigure creators take printing to a whole new level, just when you think you have seen the best, someone pulls another rabbit out of their hat. have really spiced pu the custom minifigure scene with their quality printing and with Mr.Bean I feel they continue to be at the forefront of the custom market.

Official Description
Mr Bean is a true member of the community, always wanting to help and lend a hand. Unfortunately, his help might not always be wanted and he often finds himself causing more trouble than good. Clumsy and not the sharpest tool in the tool box, Mr Bean makes for comedy gold thanks to the unintentional mayhem that often follows him. All in all he is one of the most loved comedy characters to grace our screens in the 90’s.

beanreview continue to send out their minifigures in clear blister packets with insert. The inserts are top quality with renderings of the minifigure and the product blurb on the back. Once you have hacked at the packet with scissors and knifes and cut your hand a least once you are presented with the minifigure.

So we actually touched upon this when we released the press release. Mr.Bean is lacking teddy! I do think for £9.99 all minifigures should come with some sort of accessory. Now LEGO teddys are still new with the only one I own being in my CMF collection and would happily pay extra few pounds for teddy to be included but this is me being picky.

However regardless of teddy, it does not distract from what is a wonderful printed minifigure. They are alwaus looking at ways of taking printing to the next level and on Mr.Bean his face is highly detailed with his trademark unshaven look, lines under his eyes, his mole. Straight away you know it is him. He comes with standard LEGO black hair piece and black legs. Then we have a dark tan custom printed tweed jacket with white shirt and red tie. The jacket is printed both front and back, his arms have printing, with colour cuffs and elbow patches. His shirt has printed shadows to give the look of depth and shape to the tors and his tie has a shadow again it gives depth to the overall look.

It is one of the best printed and detailed torsos you will find on the after market. If you are fan of Mr.Bean this is one minifigure you can#t do without. I have to say usually most custom minifigure makers, especially US based ones stick to super heros. continue to bring us well known characters we know we are unlikely to see in LEGO sets any time soon.

So what you waiting for, if you like what I said head over and grab Bean today.


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