Mum uses LEGO store as childcare!!

A mum in Manchester has had a verbal warning by Manchester police after leaving her children in the LEGO store while she went shopping in the centre, basically using the store as childcare! It was only when the children realised their mum had been gone for over an hour did the staff at the LEGO store in the Arndale centre alert security and then the police became involved.

The young children, aged seven and nine, were said to be looking distressed when they could not find their mother in the shop at Manchester Arndale Centre on Thursday afternoon.

Security guards contacted police and their mother returned to the shop an hour later. She claimed she had asked their auntie to watch them but the auntie has refuted this claim. This incident is said to becoming more widespread in the UK as parents use the LEGO store activities as a free form of childcare – essentially expecting the staff in the store to watch their children.

A spokesman for GMP said: “The kids were very distressed nobody was there and thought they had been abandoned. Police spoke to the mother and explained what had happened. A referral was made to let other agencies know and she was given a stern telling off. This isn’t the first time we had to deal with this issue and we remind parents that it’s their responsibility to supervise their child in any store in the centre at all times.

While visiting your local LEGO store have you noticed children left unattended? Is this a widespread issue or an isolated incident?


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One thought on “Mum uses LEGO store as childcare!!

  • 01/11/2015 at 20:35

    I think this is widespread with all shopping centres.
    I worked in Leicester’s Highcross last Xmas and the amount of kids that lost their parents was shocking.
    3 – 4 children per shift ! As a parent of 2 little boys myself I had to bite my tongue a few times.
    Sadly still no Lego store in Leicester though.


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