New LEGO Ideas activity asks for DIY builds

If you’ve repaired anything using your collection of bricks recently, then LEGO Ideas wants to see it as part of the latest activity on the platform. 

Whether you’ve propped up your table with DUPLO or filled a crack in the wall with pieces, DIY devotees should look towards LEGO Ideas this week for the newest activity. 

As with all LEGO Ideas activities, there is no prize on offer and your submissions have no chance of being turned into a real set. They’re just a way to showcase your creations with other like-minded builders. 

The deadline for this activity is set for 4 May, when the LEGO Group will be busy with another yearly event. That means you’ve got seven days to showcase how you’ve used your collection to DIY your life. 

The standard rules for most LEGO Ideas activities and contests apply, so avoid any builds related to politics, alcohol, violence and similar subjects. You can find a full list of rules on the activity page, but we doubt many of them will be an issue this time around. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more involved, then try entering this contest for the chance for your coastal creation to become a future GWP. 

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