New LEGO NINJAGO trailer names the summer 2022 season

The first trailer for the next NINJAGO season has been released, offering a look at what is to come from both the LEGO series and the sets.

The next season of LEGO NINJAGO has been officially named NINJAGO Crystalized thanks to a new trailer that has been uploaded to YouTube. You can watch the trailer for yourself by clicking below, as it confirms a few key characters who will be returning to the theme.

As was previously rumoured, Vangelis – the Skull Sorcerer and Aspheera are back after an initial appearance in the poster. We can also see a number of other characters ready to face off against the ninja, with the description noting that a mysterious Crystal King is recruiting a council of evil enemies.

Aside from known villains, we also see a separate team of ninjas – not Kai, Cole, Lloyd, Jay, Zane and Nya – that appear to be battling the more familiar group. We don’t get a clear confirmation of who these are, but they may be other known characters as outlined in the rumour.

A new LEGO NINJAGO season is confirmed for summer 2022
LEGO NINJAGO summer 2022 set listings spotted online

A large mech that appears to take direct inspiration from existing LEGO NINJAGO elements and a car piloted by Cole also appear, which may be depicted in sets such as those that have been listed recently. That’s only speculation for the time as we’re still awaiting official details for the LEGO NINJAGO wave.

This season will be released over the summer, though an exact release date has not been announced. At the very end of the trailer, we can see that Nya, in her new water form, will also make an appearance in NINJAGO Crystalized, though we don’t yet know if she will or can rejoin the team.

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