Official LEGO WALL•E announcement

So other LEGO sites have been posting articles about the LEGO WALL•E neck issue, personally I think fans were making a mountain out of a molehill so refrained from posting until LEGO said something concrete. Where I live all major retailers are still selling the set as is the LEGO brand store in Meadowhall, hence why I was taking what other sites were saying with a pince of salt. Then last night over on the LEGO Ideas site the Ideas team posted the following announcement:

“Dear LEGO® Fans,

In order to make the LEGO Ideas set 21303 WALL·E as fun as the character in the movie, we created the model with the ability to turn his head all the way around. Since the model has been launched we have received feedback from fans who feel WALL·E’s head moves a bit too freely. Feedback from our fans is very important for us and we’ve decided to take their advice and make some improvements to the set. Our designers are currently working on some small changes to the model. Therefore the LEGO Ideas Set 21303 WALL·E is currently not available at and in some LEGO Stores. Once the reworked version of the model has been finalized LEGO WALL·E will make a full return. For the latest updates on availability, please visit WALL·E on

If you’ve already purchased your LEGO Ideas WALL·E:

It is very important to us that fans have a great building and playing experience with all our sets and we appreciate feedback to improve our sets. Our Customer Service can answer questions on existing models and can be reached via

If you have any more questions, please contact LEGO Customer Service and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you further.

Kind regards,

LEGO Ideas Team”



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