Six genius uses of parts in the LEGO Botanical Collection 2022 sets

The two LEGO Botanical Collection 2022 sets present excellent examples of how especially specific LEGO elements can be used in different ways.

Across both 10309 Succulents and 10311 Orchid, the LEGO Botanical Collection design teams continue to showcase their knowledge of every LEGO element by thinking up ways to use increasingly specific pieces to portray natural aspects of the plants they are recreating.

We’ve taken a closer look at the two new entries to the LEGO Botanical Collection to point out a few details that you might have missed.

6 – Forestmen’s hats

One of the smallest models featured in 10309 Succulents, pictured on the bottom left of the above image, features four Forestmen’s hats used as symmetrical aspects of the flora. Even for those less interested in the set, these pieces could be reused to help equip your Forestmen minifigures.


5 – Eggs

Just as 10281 Bonsai Tree used lots of LEGO frogs, 10309 Succulents features lots of LEGO eggs coloured in light lime green.

4 – Shields and forks

Shields are used to depict the petals in 10311 Orchid, and they’re held in place using LEGO forks, adding to the interesting appearance on the back of the flower.

3 – Cockpit windows

Out of the four leaves at the base of 10311 Orchid, three use the same build made up of larger pieces, but the other features two cockpit windows, as if they are still growing to their full size.

2 – Frogs (again)

A returning element in the LEGO Botanical Collection from 10281 Bonsai Tree is the Frog brick, which makes another appearance in 10311 Orchid at the centre of each full bloom.

1 – Demogorgon heads

A few of those blooms are smaller than the rest, but the design team has still managed to capture the distinct shape of an Orchid thanks to the help of the Demogorgon head originally used in 75810 The Upside Down based on Netflix’s Stranger Things – arguably one of the most specific elements featuring a new print.

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  • 15/04/2022 at 14:29

    The lego forest men hats are on the bottom right…


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