Play Well 2022 report reveals reason for LEGO Lates events

The LEGO Group has opened up regarding the LEGO Lates events in LEGO stores around the world as a study finds adults seek relaxation. 

As part of the LEGO Groups’ 2022 Play Well report, 30,000 adults from 33 countries were asked several questions with the results demonstrating that 58% are spending less than one hour a day relaxing and 55% have a hard time switching off. 

These and other statistics inspired the LEGO Group to launch LEGO Lates, with three events at LEGO stores around the world that are currently sold out at the time of writing. The cost of entry to these events includes activities, masterclasses, a goody bag and a gift voucher worth the cost of the ticket. 

LEGO building isn’t just for children and getting creative with LEGO bricks can help adults to relax, feel creative and get a real sense of achievement,” shared Genevieve Cruz, head of product for the adults audience at The LEGO Group. “These sorts of activities transcend age and can have benefits for builders both young and old. We have championed the importance of quality, creative play for nine decades, and our Play Well 2022 research proves there is still a place for LEGO building for adults.”  


The catalogue of LEGO for Adults models, including those from LEGO Icons, Star Wars, Marvel and Ideas, are also offered as a way for adults to relax and destress from work. An infographic has also been provided with more statistics from the report. 

In case you need to destress or disconnect from work, several challenging LEGO models are available now on the official online store including the affordable 10309 Succulents. More are coming soon too such as the massive 76210 Hulkbuster

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