First reviews of LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71037 Series 24 land online

The first reviews of LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71037 Series 24 are here, showcasing all 12 new characters in one of the final batches of blind-bagged minifigures.

From September 2023, the Minifigures theme will be moving away from its foil bags to cardboard boxes, as part of the LEGO Group’s wider aim to make all its packaging sustainable by 2025. That means the new series launching in January will be one of the last to come in blind bags, allowing savvy-fingered LEGO fans to determine what’s inside each one. When the cardboard boxes come along, that won’t be possible.

That adds up to one good reason to pick up 71037 Series 24 when it lands on shelves next month, but how about the minifigures themselves? We’ve already had a decent look at all 12 characters through official images, and now early reviews are starting to pop up online, giving us an even better idea of what to expect from each of these brand new minifigures.

Among the dozen new characters are a brown Classic Space astronaut (complete with spacebaby), a Black Falcons falconer, and a carrot mascot. It’s an eclectic mix, and early reactions to the initial images were largely positive, but seeing them in the flesh could make all the difference. Tiago Catarino is among the reviewers who already have their hands on the series, and has now published his thoughts on the complete dozen characters.

His review shows off brand new elements scattered across the series, such as the orc’s lower jaw element, the falconer’s falcon and the conservationist’s koala. Probably the star of the show for fans of a certain age will be the spacebaby, which gives the regular LEGO baby element a Classic Space torso print and helmet.

“I’m not a minifigures-driven type of guy, but I’ve got to say I’m seriously impressed by this wave,” Catarino says. “Judging by comments I’ve been reading online the opinions towards this line-up are very positive.” The YouTuber picked out the brown astronaut and spacebaby, falconer, orc and T. rex costume fan as his favourites from 71037 Series 24 – the latter ‘because, well, dinosaurs’.

TIAGO CATARINO LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71037 Series 24 early review 6

71037 Series 24 launches January 1, 2023 for £3.49 / $4.99 / €3.99 per bag.

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