Rumoured LEGO open-world racing game reportedly titled LEGO 2K Drive

The rumoured new LEGO open-world racing game is reportedly titled LEGO 2K Drive, and is currently thought to be in closed beta.


Details of an open-world racing game tied to the LEGO licence first surfaced in February 2022, with initial rumours claiming the title is being developed by Visual Concepts for 2K Games. Insider Gaming now reports that the game will be named ‘LEGO 2K Drive’, calling back to the iOS title 2K Drive, which was published by 2K Sports in 2013.

According to Insider Gaming owner Tom Henderson, LEGO 2K Drive is currently in closed beta. In video game terms, that generally means it’s being tested by a select group of specifically-chosen end users to iron out any issues ahead of launch – so could be relatively close to debuting on consoles.

2K Drive iOS
A screenshot from 2K Drive (iOS).

Exactly which platforms we can expect to see LEGO 2K Drive on is still unknown, but you have to imagine any publisher of a LEGO video game would want to target as broad a market as possible – encompassing at least PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch and PC, but potentially also PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even mobile devices and MacOS.

This would be one of the first LEGO video games to launch since the LEGO Group reportedly ended its exclusivity agreement with TT Games, which is thought to have previously allowed the developer to veto other LEGO titles.

Two more LEGO sports-themed games are reportedly in the works under 2K Games, though the first – a football game developed by Sumo Digital – was originally said to be arriving in time for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. That hasn’t come to pass, leaving its fate in the balance. The other game is ‘based on a major sports franchise’, according to VGC, and could encompass the LEGO Group’s licensed themes.

These rumours are unsubstantiated for the time being, so take them with the usual grain of salt. If LEGO 2K Drive is real, we’ll hopefully learn more about it very soon.

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