Séb’s Half Marathon LEGO Challenge for Fairy Bricks

Brick Fanatic Séb Daniell decided to do something for charity, specifically for LEGO-based fundraising organisation Fairy Bricks. Here, he shares a little about what he is planning and how he has been inspired

In case you don’t know me, beyond my name on some of the features here at Brick Fanatics, my name is Séb and when I’m not contributing to Brick Fanatics I’m usually doing one of a number of things – not least enjoying building LEGO sets in the comfort of my home. Unfortunately not everyone always has the luxury of such pastimes, in particular sick children in hospitals and hospices around the UK.

I wanted to bring your attention to something a little different to my usual offerings here. I’m asking for your help to sponsor me in a personal challenge I’m undertaking to raise funds for the incredible LEGO-based charity Fairy Bricks – which you can do by clicking here.


Like many of you, I’m a LEGO fan who has long passed my childhood (at least judging by the number of candles now appearing on my birthday cakes), but still get immense pleasure from building, creating, collecting and displaying (definitely not playing with…) my LEGO. It was this thought that caused me one day before Christmas to be hit with a huge feeling of gratitude, knowing that my health is currently fine and that I get to appreciate LEGO pretty much any time I fancy. I mostly use it as an escape from the real world, a way of calming my thoughts and distracting me temporarily from some of the problems that exist beyond the comfort of my home. Not to mention that it’s super fun, relaxing and creative.

With this in mind I couldn’t stop thinking about the children who are stuck in hospitals and hospices with ill health and lack of stimulating entertainment. Whether there for days, weeks or months, hospitals can be scary and oppressive places for adults – let alone children. This is why I wanted to see if there was something I could do to contribute, in some small way, for a positive change in 2017.

Image: Fairy Bricks

Enter Fairy Bricks, the amazing charity who in a relatively short time have already made a massive difference to children up and down the country. Through their generous use of time and fundraising they have been able to offer a myriad of new and sealed LEGO sets to children in hospitals and hospices giving them something exciting and positive to enjoy during their time in care.

It was at the beginning of the year that I decided I wanted to help them to raise money so that I could hopefully go to Colchester Hospital’s Children Ward in person and hand-deliver a selection of LEGO sets to brighten up the childrens’ day later in the year.

On Sunday 12th March I’ll be taking part in the Colchester Half Marathon alongside thousands of other runners, all raising fund for worthy causes. Up until recently I definitely didn’t consider myself to be a runner, so this will be a huge personal challenge and achievement. I’ve been training every week come rain, wind and snow, and getting very sweaty in order to prepare myself for the distance of 13.1 miles.

To prove it, here is a photo of me (on the left) running with a friend in minus 5 degrees a few weeks ago.


Anything you can give will go a long way to not only supporting a very decent charity, but also improving the daily lives of sick children through play. Every penny through my sponsorship page will go directly to Fairy Bricks, so you can actually see exactly where your money will end up.

I’ll update readers with photos and updates on how things are going between now and the race, and want to thank you for reading about my challenge. Any donation you can make will be hugely appreciated by me, but more importantly by the sick children around the UK.

Once more, the link is here: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/legoseb.

Image: Fairy Bricks
Image: Fairy Bricks


Hello, I'm Séb, your friendly neighbourhood AFOL. As a child, Lego was always my favourite toy and now as an adult it appears nothing has changed. I emerged from my dark ages in 2011 after rediscovering my old sets in my parents' attic and haven't looked back since. I'm a big fan of the licensed themes particularly DC/Marvel Superheroes & Lord Of The Rings, though Creator Expert provides the more challenging & technical build I'm rather fond of.

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