Set sail for round one of the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program

The first round of crowdfunding for the LEGO BrickLink Designer Program is about to begin, so raise the mainsail as we take a tour of the Great Fishing Boat.

Builders who own 21310 Old Fishing Store will likely already have an eye on this rejected LEGO Ideas project as the BrickLink Designer Program offers a potential second lease of life for the Great Fishing Boat. But just what makes this model so great?

Designed by EdouardClo, the titular build is about what you’d expect with a spacious fishing vessel ready to find the next fresh haul. The details are abundant across the model, with rigging spread across the structures and plenty of equipment for the fishermen to use. When the day is done, the duo can report to the interior, where there’s further detail aplenty.

Above and below deck you’ll be able to find a bridge with all the needed items for controlling the ship, from a compass to a slice of pie. (Hopefully it hasn’t been left there too long in the damp sea air.) Beneath the floorboards of the boat lies the cabins for the crew to rest after a weary day, and it seems at least one sailor has a liking for rock and roll and another for some kind of bottled refreshment. Could the Captain be drinking on the job?


At the moment, the Great Fishing Boat remains listed as being in the ‘Test Building’ phase, despite being just days from the first round and still included within it. Another project also shares this status, and both have been recreated in physical bricks to prove that such a task is possible.

The stories that could come from this BrickLink Designer Program project alone, not to mention the possibilities when combined with 21310 Old Fishing Store, make the Great Fishing Boat a promising potential future set – as are all the entries. However, only five can become official models, as the first of them to reach 3,000 minimum pre-orders will be transformed and find their way into the hands of builders.

Stay tuned for the beginning of round one on July 1 at 4pm UK time.

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